Your Facebook Newsfeed is about to get a Facelift

Boston, MA – December 3, 2013. Yesterday Facebook announced that they are making changes to our newsfeed, Spoiler Alert, there will be more news. Their goal is to have more quality content rather than some useless Memes.

Facebook is constantly tweaking it’s Edgerank algorithm, making sure you are viewing the most relevant content at the most relevant time. This change will be more visible on mobile devices, according to Facebook.

Since a year ago this time, the referral traffic to media sites has increased by over 170%, Facebook claims. Some heavy referral traffic recipients include Time, Buzzfeed, and Bleacher Report.

Since “Social” Media is all about interacting, the content with the most generated conversations will be constantly bumped towards the top of the newsfeed.

There is also another feature that will be utilized and that is a suggested reading section after you click on a news story. If it isn’t obvious, Facebook is going after Twitter’s bread and butter, the news industry.

Affiliate Summit West 2014

Boston, MA – November 15, 2013. The InfoPay Team is once again attending Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas on January 12-14, 2014 at the Paris Hotel. We will be in town from January 11-16 exhibiting at the Meet Market and Convention Hall. As well as attending Clickbank Exchange. The highlight of our exhibit at Affiliate Summit will be showcasing our new product, PeopleSpy. PeopleSpy is an All in One Public Records product including our famous Instant Comprehensive Background Check. In addition to PeopleSpy, we will be educating attendants on the value of private labels. Which is creating long term success through brand awareness.

PeopleSpy has a new mobile app that is available in both iTunes and Google Play store. This offer will be showcased at our booth because we understand the emergence and staying power of mobile offers.

We hope to see you there; it’s not too late to register either. Visit The Affiliate Summit Registration Page.

Our Meet Market table is #952 and Booth #411-413. The booth will include a grand prize raffle, photo contest, giveaways and the InfoPay team.

Contact Us for discount passes and to schedule a personalized meeting to discuss all our exciting new products in more detail.

See you in Vegas!

-InfoPay Team

Looking to Promote a PublicRecords App?

Boston, MA – November 3, 2013. We are happy to announce the launch of our new mobile app, PeopleSpy. Available in both the ITunes and Google Play store, this full service App provides instant background checks. Earn 65% on all in-app purchases. Product price points range from $4.95-$14.99.

According to eMarketer, “US adults will spend 43.6% of their overall media time with digital this year, including 19.4% on mobile—compared to 19.2% on laptops and PCs. Time spent with mobile phones and tablets, excluding voice calls, has risen from 13.4% of all media time last year, and has nearly tripled since 2011.”

Capitalize on this fast growing mobile segment. Generated text links will direct users to appropriate App store download pages. All purchases will be tracked in the reporting section of your InfoPay account.

To get started:

  • Login to your Infopay Affiliate Account or sign up
  • Choose “Create Links”
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose “Create Links” next to PeopleSpy
  • Type in a Link Name and Submit Query
  • Place your text link in Marketing Materials that receive Mobile Traffic

Contact us for questions or comments.

3 Things to Keep in Mind this Fall

Boston, MA – September 3, 2013. It’s already September, the fall season is upon us. The leaves change colors, everything pumpkin is in full effect, and marketing strategies are altered to accompany the season’s customer trends. In marketing there are no cookie cutter strategy solution that’s what makes it challenging and fun.

Increasing Customer Spending

The fall season is the jumpstart to holiday shopping. Online shopping has exponentially increased in popular against traditional brick and mortar options. It is a great place to get in front of customers willing to spend money. Depending on your niche, think of creative ways that will both help you make money and appeal to customers during this hectic time. Running email campaigns with sales and other promotional offers can be very effective.

Seasonal Products

Every season has its popular items, such as back to school supplies or Halloween candy. The consumer’s palette changes season to season. If you understand what the consumer’s seasonal demands are, you can better position yourself to appeal to them. It doesn’t have to be a year-long endeavor, that’s why they are called seasonal. Think of a plow driver, he doesn’t plow snow during the summer or spring. It is a great way to make some extra money.

New Technologies

Online marketing is changing very quickly and something that may have worked well before may not necessarily work the following day. Do your research and see what networks are people using and how they are using them. Try running a test on one of them, any opportunity you get to be in front of fresh eyes is worth doing.

New and Improved Affiliate Tools

Dear Affiliate, eVerify is proud to announce the launch of our new and improved Affiliate Program! Still #1 on Clickbank in the Background Check, People Search, and Reverse Phone verticals. Enjoy tested and monetized links for maximum CTR and conversions. Visit the eVerify Affiliate Program Page

New eVerify Program Benefits:

  • 65% Lifetime Recurring Commission- Plus Bonuses and Incentives
  • Free WordPress Theme- Tested Over and Over for the Highest CTR
  • High Converting Banners- Including Interactive Search Forms to Engage Visitors
  • Text Links- 15+ Monetized Micro Niche Landing Pages
  • Exit Chat Agent- Another Free Tool Many Programs Charge For
  • SEO Advice- Our Team Has 35 Years Combined Affiliate Marketing Experience
  • Private Labels- Ask How to Become Your Own Brand Quickly and Easily

To Get Started Earning Recurring Revenue

  • Create a Clickbank Account if you have not done so already (Clickbank Signup Page)
  • Visit our Marketplace Page (eVerified Marketplace)
  • Notice our High Gravity and stats. Then click on (Affiliate Page)
  • Choose from any of our “Highly Converting Tools” at the top of the page
  • Don’t Forget to Signup for our “Monthly Newsletter”
  • You will Earn 65% “Recurring Commissiong” Over and Over every month on the same Customer! Thats a $56 lifetime customer value! Unheard of in this niche

What’s a partnership with no communication? I’d like to open the lines and let you know I’m here to help in any way possible. Don’t delay and Please send me an email eric@infopay.comor message on skype: eric22361, if you have any questions or comments.

Looking forward Eric Email: Phone: 617-391-0241

Contact Us:If you have any special requests, promotional ideas, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email our Affiliate Support Team at

Social Engagement > # of Followers

Boston, MA – March 27, 2013. Social Media is becoming more and more the focus of digital marketers, due to the shear time spent on site. In addition, mobile access to social networks is expanding exponentially. All of this supports why social should be included in your marketing plan. However is your goal to reach a certain number of followers or to reach quality followers that may turn into brand evangelists?

Some marketers strive to go for the sexy number of followers/fans however those numbers can be easily manipulative. Just like there are black hat tactics in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), they exist in SMO (Social Media Optimization) as well. It is popular among the black hat crowd to purchase followers or likes, usually via ghost followers. Ghost followers/accounts are fake accounts setup to look legitimate but are not real people, just a number to add to your likes or followers tally.

The problem many marketers face is that their fans/followers are not as active as they would like. Most followers/fans don’t interact with the brand and thus offer very limited help to the brand’s marketing efforts. To produce successful results on your marketing campaigns, engagement with your followers/fans is essential. These interactions include retweets, shares, and comments. Ultimately they are the building block for potential conversation, more influential than the number of followers/fans you have.

You want to find the quality followers and stay away from focusing on the quantity of general followers. These quality followers are the ones who will help you build trust within your brand. Your engagement with them will generate interactions with other followers. If done successfully they will even help you with viral marketing. They will be your brand evangelists and tell their circles why you’re the best and do most of the work for you.

Localizing your website for Global Audience

Boston, MA – March 26, 2013. The internet is a global operation, hence the World Wide Web. Since it is worldwide we know one thing must be true not everyone using it can read English. Actually most of the world can’t read English, so adjustments need to be made to your sites if you want to reach the millions of people who speak another language. You ultimately want to site visitor to connect with your content, knowing that each culture is different and interprets information their own way, it is impossible to make a one size fits all website.

The main component to consider in localizing your site is language. There are many different languages in the world and each language also has many dialects. If you can regionalize your content down to the dialect spoken, there is no reason that that audience will not be able to connect with your content. However if you assume that all words or phrases are widely used in a specific language, you are horribly mistaken.  Replacing the words from one language to another is a waste of time. You need to convert the message from one language to the other. One way of making a point in one language can be completely different in another language.

All it will take is one confusing translation and you can lose a potential customer instantaneously. Using proper grammar will make your site standout and easily understood by your foreign readers. Localization also affects design aspects too not just content. For example Hebrew readers, read from right to left so your content needs to be laid out accordingly. Some Asian languages are written up and down not left and right. All these little adjustment can make a giant impact on your site’s success in these regions.

It is important to remember that there are many different types of people visiting your site. It is your job to keep them on it as long as possible and make their experience enjoyable. You must decide which regions you would like to target. Once you have decided, adjust your site design and content accordingly. Be sure to be as localized and as detailed as possible. The goal of any e-commerce website is to make sales, whether they are in euros, dollars or pounds.  Making your site visitors comfortable with your site will lead to sales and a well-developed reputation.

Black Hat Tactics. More Harm Than Good

Boston, MA – March 7, 2013. Ethics is a topic that is constantly being thrown around by different media outlets, digital marketing is no different. We each have a code that we stick to and we determine what we can live with and what we can’t. Google likes ethical behavior and rewards white hat techniques. On the other hand, black hat, is where you can get yourself into trouble.

Everyone wants to make money online, no brainer. The method however each person applies to their sites to get traffic and make sales is where the dilemma arises. Should you scam the costumer or should you provide the customer with value. Black hat is so attractive to people because it produces faster short term results. If you are in it for the short term then keep on wearing your black hat and trying to trick Google. If you want to be a sustainable business, where you want to grow and prosper, black hat tactics should be avoided at all costs.

Google is getting much better at targeting spam and punishing violators of their ethical code. With every algorithm update, they are targeting cheaters and making them pay a heavy price. On the flipside, they are rewarding legitimate sites that do white hat SEO. It is becoming more and more common that Google is targeting big companies and punishing them for their questionable tactics, as an example to others. You will ultimately lose everything you have worked so hard to build up overnight, all because you chose to do black hat SEO.

Common sense will tell you that you should act ethically with every business decision you make. Of course there will be temptations to diverge from you ethical path. The successful site owners and the ones who are interested in making a profit can control these temptations and reassure themselves that unethical decisions will do harm to my investment, website.

Don’t be the guy/girl who thinks that they came up with a very crafty scheme that Google will never pick up on. They will, just give them some time; they have the money and resources to find out what you are doing. Understand that short term gains are a tease, what business owner wants to go into business for a couple months and then get shut down? Be smart, you will come up with a legitimate way to do business online and maybe it will take some time for you to see positive numbers in your balance sheet, but be assured that good things come to those who wait.

Google Authorship Can Help Your SEO

Boston, MA – March 5, 2013. One of the most repeated things we heard in school was, do not plagiarize or you will be in big trouble.  Google agrees with that statement and wants content creators to get credit for their work and wants to punish copy cats. Google implemented Google Authorship specifically to solve this problem. We all know how internet piracy is a rampant problem and there are few ways to deal with it. Google wants to help out the internet’s content writers with Google’s stamp of approval.

It is every SEO’s mission to increase their rankings on the SERP. With the added bonus of being a Google recognized Author, your chances increase significantly. Your search results will be made up of multiple components that can help you stand out from other results. You will have a photo, taken from you Google + profile, your name (hyperlinked so that people can find all your work), and information about your Google + circles.

When someone can match a piece of work to a face, especially on a trusted platform such as Google, they are more likely to click through. Having the information about the author makes the search result look more legitimate. However don’t just assume you are automatically a Google Author, you need Google to recognize you.

To become a Google Author you first need to have an active Google + profile. Just making one and never touching it will not help you. You want your profile to be complete with links to all your sites and social profiles. Only then will users get greater value when they look you up. It will be better for as well by increasing traffic to your corresponding sites.

Google is trying to look out for your intellectual property while beefing up Google +’s influence on search results. It’s really a win-win situation; you get better placement and Google + gets more exposure. If you follow Google’s rules you will be rewarded and if you try to cross them you will punished, sooner or later.

Which is better for You, SEO or PPC?

Boston, MA – February 25, 2013. When it comes to digital marketing, there is no avoiding these two behemoths, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click). Each has its own rewards and costs; the true challenge is how to figure out which one you need to focus on. This is a problem many digital marketers stumble upon; diversifying your marketing portfolio to lower your investment cost and increases your returns. Being the two most popular method of digital marketing they are a great starting point for everyone.

SEO is the process to show up in the organic results for a Search Engine.  This method takes time, strategy, and patience, in order to see significant results. Ultimately, you figure out what specific keywords you want to rank highly for and craft your SEO campaign accordingly. There is however no guarantee that you will be on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). With so many algorithm changes it is nearly impossible to predict the future and develop the perfect recipe for high rankings. The irritating part, which often discourages people, is that it can take up to 6 months to see results. We live in a fast-paced society where we want things done quickly and want results now, that is not the case with SEO.

PPC ads are what make the Search Engines money, their bread and butter. You are placing an ad on the Search Engine that you want to show up with a corresponding keyword you pre-selected. Each keyword has a given price; popular keywords have the most expensive price per click. This can make buying ads very expensive, the cost effective way to buy ads is to find keywords that are not so expensive and connect them with your call to action and a corresponding well-converting landing page. The good part is that your ad will show up, guaranteed, as opposed to SEO where you are uncertain if you will make the cut.

If your mission is to become an authority site on a subject and spend almost no money then SEO should be your number one priority. SEO is also the only method that will help your organic search rankings. Once you get significant organic rankings, you will begin to see steady traffic coming to your site via the Search Engine. Therefore this is the long-term selection and may not be the best choice for e-commerce sites that want to generate quick sales.

For sites that want to make a quick buck, PPC will probably be your best choice. You get quick results and if matched with cost effective keywords and converting landing pages, will lead to profits. Yes this method is the more costly one, but with a proper strategy, you will cover your advertising costs. The ads only generate interest in the customer and lead to increased traffic, whether you close on the sale depends solely on your landing pages and your call to action.